Bio Lake

We have in mind a new project: have you ever heard of a biopool?
Outside of Italy, you may find biopool since 1983, the year when the first biopool was build in Austria.
The Biopool experienced a great success in the countries where it was first designed, that is Austria, Switzerland and Germany, where you can find also public biopool.

In Italy, though, the interest about biopools has started to grow around this type of pool just a few years ago. The biolake is nor an artificial lake nor a swimming pool, it's both! It is divided into two different sections: the first one is suitable for bathing (just like a swimming pool), while the second one features a green filtering area. The circulation between the bathing area and the filtering area grants a sufficient oxigenation of the system.

The Biopool is eco-friendly and differs from a regular swimming pool for a few fundamental characteristics: the depuration process is completely free of chemicals; it provides you with an intense and immersive feeling of living the nature while you're bathing; the biolake also constitues a water ecosystem and a place to rest and meditate in the garden; the biopool provides the local flora and fauna with a luxurious and vital space to grow; The biopool it's beautiful to see and it matches well with any panorama, so it usually gives the chance to enjoy a nice bath in any place going from the most architettonically structured to the natural ones, included the buildings with constraints linked to the landscape.

Furthermore, the biopool it's a very eco-friendly machinery: it doesn't pollute because the purification of the water uses no chemicals, it works like a closed circuit and, once you've filled up the pool, you'll only have to periodically add the water that evaporated, in order to riequilibrate it.


The Story of the Castle

In the heart of the Orcia Valley the ancient Castle of Spedaletto, built along the main European road, the Via Francigena, has been transformed into a comfortable Farmhouse holiday called The Grancia. The Castle was built by the priest Ugolino da Rocchione in the 12th century as a fortified farm and as a place to guest the pilgrims...

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The Castle of Spedaletto

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